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ReaperForge is a music game that lets you play your real guitar/bass. The game itself has no content. It simply works like a music player that lets you play your instrument along to your favorite songs.


  • Music, notes, lyrics are loaded from _p.psarc files
  • It uses VST/VST3 plugins for creating tones for your instrument, tuner, etc.
  • Combine multiple plugins into effect chains like you would do in a DAW.
  • Midi controllers like foot pedals can be used to change effect chains in the middle of a song
  • it is tiny, runs fast and customizable.
  • source code available.

Note: This game is under heavy development. Expect crashes, glitches, and your PC catching fire. Backup the ini files if you put some work into creating effect chains.

Updated 6 days ago
Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorReaperForge dev
Tagsguitar, Music
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, MIDI controller

Install instructions

The installation is straight forward. Just run it. On first startup it will show a small installation dialog that will create some files and directories where the binary is located.

After that copy your own files (_p.psarc, .vst3, etc) into the fitting directories and then run it again.

Your _p.psarc songs will show up in the songs window.

Click on the VST button and create some effect chains that matches your guitar tone with the tone used the songs, save them in different slots. Then you are ready to rock!

Use the keys on your numpad to change the effect chains mid song.

For some trippy backgrounds add milkdrop files to it. A good start is this collection here.

Troubleshooting / FAQ

Song crashes/does not contain any notes.

Try repairing the _p.psarc file with some external tool it might fix it.

Support for other platforms?

Linux + Browser support is experimental, not included in the source code. VST + Midi don't work yet.


ReaperForge v0.2.5
ReaperForge v0.2.5 source 5 MB

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